Monday, November 10, 2008

Doctors and Patients - does it have to be us against them?

Two very interesting blogs on how doctors can better interact with patients and patients can better interact with doctors. Since we all deal with doctors (and I am in a job related intimately with health care now) I found these articles worth sharing.

Six Rules Doctors Need to Know - Well Blog -

Six Ways to Be a Better Patient - Well Blog -

More updates on the way - I am promising myself I am finally going to start posting about some of my favortie authors and their books. Really, I swear...I will get around to it...soon! At least I hope I can motivate myself enough to do it, and not be one of these bloggers that gets started and then nothing happens for months on end.... I WILL overcome my laziness!!! (maybe...)

Til next time - whenever that may be...

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