Friday, February 27, 2009

What Microsoft REALLY wants us to do!

I got my At Home and Work newsletter from Microsoft today and noticed something amiss. Could this be some sort of Freudian slip perhaps?

They are advocating "irradication" of viruses. Hmmm...that doesn't look right:

I need to look this up. A quick Google and here is the definition:

So, to summarize, they want us to root viruses deeply in our computers. Now all those security holes make sense! They want to make it easier for us to get viruses rooted deeply on our computers! Why didn't they just say so?

And to make it more ironic, the first section of the newsletter was titled "Make your computer run better, faster and smarter".

I wonder which marketing person will be looking for a job because of this one? Sometimes, spell check just can't save you.

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