Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cowboys- Eagles What a Game!

I'm one of the 2 people in the US that don't have cable - so I had to listen to the MNF game on a local radio station. What an incredible game! My Cowboys came out on top but the Eagles are so solid. With the Giants looking fierce and Washington figuring out Jim Zorn's offense, the NFC East is a beast of a division.

Fantasy football has so changed the way I watch a game. I would have been laughing my head off at DeSean Jackson's miscue if I didn't have him in a fantasy league and was ruing the fact that he just cost me 6 points. Having to draft people on teams you despise makes you watch the NFL a whole different way. I watch games I would never have watched before and watch the tickers to see who scored. What an evil genious plot the NFL has going there.

The Cowboys looked great, with so many weapons. And still have some room for improvement. Thank goodness there aren't a lot of Donovan McNabb's out there because he made the defensive line awfully frustrated with their inability to bring him down.

Felix Jones brings a dimension they haven't had in a while. Talk about straight ahead speed. And Nick Folk, as they said on the radio broadcast, is just Money. And the line game Tony Romo plenty of time to throw. Here's hoping we survive the NFC East and make it to the playoffs.

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