Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greetings and an Introduction

Welcome to yet another blog! Some background - I've been working in the IT field for almost 20 years now, though before that I have had a varied work experience. I was a "teacher" for a dance studio for junior high and high school kids during the disco era (I was in high school myself at the time). I managed a wine and spirits shop for 5 years. I sold computers for 3 months before that chain got a case of the over-expansion blues. And I worked for a corporation in a business finance group before being laid off due to the junk bond economy problems (and maybe just a little management incompetence). The next job led me to becoming a full time IT person. I have since worked for a manufacturing company, and 24x7 Internet commerce company and now in a medical informatics setting. I've had a computer since the late 70's, starting with a Tandy TRS-80 Model III.

My degree is actually Radio and TV Journalism, though I have only used that in writing newsletters, doing one radio commercial for the wine shop, magazine articles on wine, and a short stint doing game reviews for the old Microsoft Magazine. So hopefully, those rusty skills will help make this blog readable (and enjoyable).

I love sports, reading, music, gardening, dachshunds, and wine & spirits. I have played computer games for years, though Everquest has been my addiction for the last several years.

I hope to entertain and inform on any number of subjects. Or this could possibly just take up space on a web server somewhere and never be read by anyone other than myself! Either way, my thought will be out there for anyone to review and judge for posterity (or til blogging becomes passe and these kinds of sites get shut down).

Welcome and thanks for reading!

Dachsieguy (aka Cabernet Elvenwine in Everquest)

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