Thursday, September 18, 2008

How do people find a blog?

Since this blog has just started, it will be interesting to see if anyone finds it before I begin to tell the online communities I belong to about it. So far, I believe the only person who has read a post is my dear wife :-) I am going to keep this blog a "secret" for a bit longer to see if anyone stumbles across it. I plan to do a couple of posts on books I have recently read and authors I love. I love to read and have so many great authors to share. Also, I need to find a good picture of our Fur Baby and post it here so you see where DachsieGuy comes from (the profile picture is just too small to do her justice!).

Cowboys and Packers on Sunday - should be a great game. Cowboys are meeting expectations so far and the Packers are exceeding it, with Aaron Rodgers playing well. Hopefully the Cowboy defense can step it up a bit and actually bring down the quarterback this week.

My other football passions are the Oklahoma Sooners (who don't play this weekend) and the Tulsa Golden Hurricane (who open their newly remodeled H. A. Chapman Stadium). Playing a New Mexico team who beat Arizona and played well against two other teams should be a great match-up. From what I have read, the remodel is great and actually decrease the number of seats. Should be easier to get things rockin' and rollin'. Go TU!

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Jonny Hamachi said...

Yeah, wait a minute, Dallas? Yeah, no this isn't going to work. I'm from Madison.